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Long Sleeve Ladies Embroidered Blouse Patriotka
Long Sleeve Ladies Embroidered Blouse Emerald Diva
Long Sleeve Ladies Embroidered Blouse Hutsulochka
Classic Woven Tablecloth Large Style 2
Classic Woven Tablecloth Large Style 1
Decorative Woven Towel Classic Patterns on White Style 2
Decorative Woven Towel Classic Patterns on White Style 1
Woven Easter Basket Cover Classic Style
Decorative Easter Eggs Hutsul Style Patterns


Dear Valued Customer,
We would like you to enjoy your purchased items for a very long time.  Here are some tips on how to look after the garments and special items in order to prolong their life:

How to care for machine embroidered garments:
  • Our machine embroidered garments have a lot of embroidered patterns on them.  It is advisable to wash them by hand in cool/cold water with mild detergent, and then rinse twice. Flat drying is also advisable to preserve the shape of the garments and embroidered patterns. You can also put these garments on coat hangers to dry in a shady area. Do not tumble dry.
  • It is ok to machine wash them separately, but only on gentle cycles, in cold water and on a slow spin.
  • If your garment has tassels, we suggest you tie them into a bow before machine washing, to avoid tangling.
  • Some of the garments are made from home-spun cotton.  It is common to have some irregularities or unevenness on the surface. These are not defects, it is the nature of homemade materials and should be accepted as a part of the garment.
  • Some of the garments are made from silky chiffon fabric, which is a light, delicate fabric. To preserve the smoothness of the fabric, please avoid contact with rough and sharp items when wearing a chiffon blouse. This includes shoulder bags that are of rough texture, have metal finishes or are made from, or decorated with, beads.  
  • The embroidery on these garments is made by machine.  It is possible in machine embroidery to have tiny threads sticking out on the surface of the embroidered patterns. It is the nature of machine embroidery. If you find any of such threads on the patterns of your garments, carefully cut them off with small sharp scissors. Do not ever pull the threads, as this may ruin the patterns.
How to care for hand embroidered garments:
Extra care should be taken when washing a hand embroidered garment
- Never wash it a washing machine
- Hand wash only in a cold water with mild detergent
- Do not soak
- Rinse thoroughly twice or three times in cold water
- Wring and shake slightly before putting it out for drying
- Never tumble dry
- Dry flat, or stretched over 3-5 drying lines in a shady area

Exclusive Items – Tapestries:

Your tapestry is made from pure wool:
- do not expose the tapestry to excessive direct sunlight as this may lead to some fading of the colours over time
- do not machine wash or hand wash the tapestry
- do not dry clean the tapestry
- to clean the tapestry from dust, you can gently shake it or gently clean it with a vacuum cleaner
- to freshen up the tapestry, first shake off dust, then iron it very gently through a  damp muslin cloth sheet.







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